When will my credit card be charged?
If you pay with your debit card or through PayPal you will be charged immediately when you finish your order on the website.
If you pay by credit card the full payment will be charged differently depending on your credit card company.

What payment methods do you receive?
Our customer’s security is important to us and therefore all of our payments are made through PayPal or Stripe.
You don't have to own a PayPal account - you can pay by credit card by clicking "pay with debit or credit card" on the PayPal payment page.

Is my personal information safe?
Every customer’s personal and financial information will not be re-used, sold, or given away. Italianlly will never sell your information to any 3rd party entities or break any privacy or security policies. You can rest assured knowing your personal information is confidential and will be treated with the highest security. For more information, please visit our privacy policy.